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Oddball citrus seeds

At a farmers market yesterday, I found some fruit at 2 for a buck, that were labeled as lemon tangerine. With skin kind of like ugli fruit, and lots of pith and interior much like a citron. Said by the vendor to be sweet and sour, I find them to be sour and bitter. But good made the same way you would do lemonade. There was no foliage so can't say about that. One edge of most seeds is sort of squared off which is characteristic or I can't remember, maybe grapefruit? Anyhow, they are pretty seedy, so I thought I would offer up some here should anyone be interested it trying it out. The skin is bright yellow/orange and rough with a curious pattern. I think their parentage is probably incorrect, but who knows? For postage if you wish to give it a go. The fruit skin smells a bit like trifoliate orange, but is eight to ten times larger.
They look very similar to Seville oranges, which are also known as bitter oranges.