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Nutrient deficiency?

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I've had a N. boschiana x platychila for a while, and seen it start to vine. The pitchers morphology has changed a fair amount (and fairly nicely I'd say), but the colours are really starting to fade. For reference, here was one of the intermediate pitchers from about 8 months ago:


Winter has come and gone, the plant has gotten taller, and now these are some of the more recent pitchers (most recent is on the right):

I've attributed the size difference to the temperature changes based on previous years, but my experience has been that the colours aren't temperature dependent.

So... are the faded colours consistent with the change from lower to upper pitchers, the result of malnourishment, or something else? Because I would really love to see that colouration come back.
Boschiana pitchers are lighter colored once the upper pitchers start growing, thats probably why.

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Yeah, in general most nepenthes produce lighter colored upper pitchers. You'll see more of the darker colored ones when your plant produces a basal shoot.
I'd say the first pic was definitely an intermediate whereas the other pictures are showing uppers, so the color change is probably due to the type of pitcher, not malnourishment. Either way, it's a gorgeous plant!
Thanks for the info guys, at least it's good to know that there's nothing wrong with it.