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Notice to those who have received D. filiformis 'Florida Giant' from me


I am a CPaholic...
Recent events have led me to believe that the original plant labeled D. filiformis 'Florida Giant' that I received from a local nursery a few years ago was mislabeled by that nursery. The plants you received from me are all from seed of that original plant and its offspring as I have never had any other form of filiformis other than that one original plant and its progeny. In speaking with the nursery, the plant I got from them is either a hybrid of typical D. filiformis and filiformis 'Florida Giant' or a typical filifromis.

:blush: Please accept my humble apology for the mislabeling of these plants I sent to you all. I am now calling what I have simply D. filiformis, unknown variety.
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don't care it's a great plant thanks for it and the other plants you sent me
Thank you Mickey for not flaming me. I am truly sorry I sent these out mislabeled, but glad I found out so as not to perpetuate the mislabeling further.
we all probably have done it , you get a plant from someone and its labeled as such , it is real hard sometimes to tell if it is miss labeled so look different when young also, not shore of some of my binitias

if someone complains alot you can offer a different plant if you want to make them happy, im happy with all you sent me , the sarr flava must have a dozen new pitchers in the last few weeks
love the maybe giant wish it would bloom so i can grow more
thanks for all you have sent me your one of the most generous people around

PS i can flame you if you would like :censor::censor: lol
I absolutely love my filiformis. I don't mind in the least. 'Such beautiful plants!
DJ - no reason to feel bad. When you find something is mis-labeled, you let people know (just like you're doing) & unlike the fraudsters who were selling U. tricolor as U. quelchii and continued to do so even after they were informed of their 'mistake'.
No need to worry. . . I've sent out my share of mislabeled plants as well. . . Even one that turned out to be a S. Leucophylla XD
Thank you all so much for your positive responses. You have no idea how stressed I was over this. Not so much about the mislabeled plant I received (I love my filiformis regardless), but the fact that I did not pay enough attention to sundews to be able to recognize I had a mislabeled plant before sending these plants to other people, and I feel that was my responsibility.

Thank you all again
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your very welcome dj
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Not a problem, DJ. Do you think this also means that any filiformis sold by our local nursery as "Florida Giant" are also just the typical form?
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Mato, I am not posting this as a review of a vendor
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Awww I wish you hadn't felt so stressed about this!! My filiformis didn't make it (only cause sundews hate me, certainly not by any fault of yours!) but I'm still so grateful to you for giving me the chance to try my hand at raising it. Not to mention that all the other plants you so generously shared with me are doing great, even the capensis!! You are awesome, it's not your fault that it was mislabeled but I really admire you for warning everyone that a mistake was made so it could be corrected :hug: