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Not A D. fulva....


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It was a packet of seeds, put in fresh media.
Ahh yes.... I recently germinated 2 packets of "Drosera broomensis" from a Canadian company that specialized in exotic seeds. They are clearly Drosera spathulata though.
Petiolaris complex drosera are very difficult to obtain pure species seed from. The reason being that they are self sterile and very few clonal lines exist in the trade, at least in the US. I'm guessing the seed came from eBay? Most of the seed on there is spatulata it seems :D hope you get some actual D. fulva next time!
Well the plant shown isn't spatulata, but it looks like it might be intermedia or a relative. If it were bigger that would help...
It came from a Petiolaris complex hobbyist. It's possible that none of the D. fulva seeds germinated and maybe something from the media did. Someone thought it might be D. rotundifolia. I'm horible at ID'ing plants, but I don't think it's D. rotundifolia, either. I guess time will tell....
D. rotundastickya for sure. Still have any of the D. capillaris "long arm"? Those get around.
I have no D. capillaris.
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I'll have to send you more :-D
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Need some B. liniflora and/or D. indica seeds?
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I'm thinking that this plant is a D. intermedia.
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Looks like D. capillaris Long Arm to me :p

Flowers and seeds will tell you for sure if it is D. capillaris or D. intermedia.
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LOL! We're back to roundandstickia again!
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It looks like a seedling, so until it gets bigger there is no way to know for sure. However many Drosera seedlings look like this, including all of those mentioned above, as well as D. spatulata and D. capensis, among others.
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Gotta watch that rotundastickya almost as bad a D. spatuhaha. It gets around.

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At least it was an actual drosera. I once got some free "drosera pretty rosette" seeds when I bought another plant online. Turns out they were mislabeled so badly, I don't even understand how it could have happened; they were sarracenia seeds. Good thing I had seen drosera seeds before and decided to look up what I actually had, because apparently whoever packaged them up had never seen them. Gosh, in comparison sarracenia seeds are absolutely gigantic compared to drosera seeds, I don't know how the two could possibly get confused.
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@PsychoSarah - :-D Were the sarr seeds viable? I'd rather have living sarr seed than dead Drosera seeds, which I've ended up with too many times.

I'm thinking the mystery plant could maybe be D. x beliziana?
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Yeah, they were viable for the most part, only 1 never sprouted. Botrytis killed 2 sprouts, 1 sprout simply failed, never forming proper roots, and so I am left with 2 that have continued to do ok.