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Non-pitchering Neps

In reading thru several strings including mine at least one person has mentioned their hamata's and how they are awaiting pitchering.
PLEASE!........post your pictures here, I want to see other small ham's regardless of whether they are producing pitchers or new leaves. Mine are pretty small and I have and am trying things and making observations and appreciate the same from others. I will start it off..............
Nepenthes hamata #1



01-29-2013 (Accidentally broke a leaf:-(

Nepenthes hamata #2



Just as a general note. Without any details as to how long you have had the plants, daily fluctuations in temperatures, types of lights and intensity, moisture levels, feeding schedule etc, there is no way to formulate any sort of opinion as to why a plant may or may not be making pitchers. It should also be noted that even in the best of conditions a fully established plant may not make pitchers on every leaf or for a period of time for some unknown reason.

edit: Guess I should mention that I did see the dates for the first couple photos and I guess I am to infer that you have had the plant for about a month? Or that it was just to show how much the plant has grown in a month? For Nepenthes, a month is way too short a time frame to determine if any cultural changes have had much of a positive effect or not. With Nepenthes bad things happen quickly and good things very slowly.

edit again just because..
I also wanted to point out that there is very little increase in leaf size over the span of quite a large number of leaves produced by the plant. That alone tells me that something isn't right and it hasn't been right for quite some time.
Thanks for responding. I sure wish my website was still up, it would be a lot easier to just place the link here so viewers could peruse the literally hundreds of pictures that my OCD brain has pumped out.
I'm not having problems with mine since I made some changes and they are progressing fine. I wasn't trying to make the post about my plants, I just posted pictures to get others to follow suit.
Since you asked............
#1 was delivered on 10/31 and #2 on 11/9. They started out on the rack with 75-80 degree 80-90% humidity during the day and 62-70 degree 65-72% humidity at night. Several weeks ago I started placing them into a five gallon aquarium with wet sphagnum in the bottom and a cover and placed the aquarium in an unheated room at night. Night conditions are now 53-65 degrees and 100% humidity. #1 that was looking fine stalled after the change and #2 was stalled upon arrival and doing nothing. #1 began producing smaller tightly curled leaves after going to the aquarium and #2 remained in neutral. A couple of weeks ago I put diluted orchid fertilizer in the pitchers and bang, within 24 hours there was noticeable growth with both and the leaves are increasing in size and looking more normal. Like I said, I am trying different things as I go as part of the learning experience but as far as those two go all is well. I have plans for the future that include more rack space and a greenhouse on the second floor balcony that the bathroom/CP room will open into and when the summer heat hits I'm ready to add one of those portable AC units if necessary. There is also an old dorm fridge here just waiting to be dismantled and the guts added to a habitat so I can continue to provide the cold nights for the hams, mac and a few others.
Feel free to ask whatever you need answered.