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(No bids) Drimia uniflora

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carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
Nov 17, 2011
Looking for that amazing plant with incredible "Wow!" factor that will make you the envy of all your friends? If so..... this plant is probably not for you.

Drimia uniflora is suspected of being the smallest bulb (not to be confused with a tuber or corm) plant in the world growing only 2-3 inches tall. Hailing from South Africa, this diminutive plant has equally diminutive flowers. More info can be found on it >>> here. I do not know what hardiness they may have. Up for auction is a lot of 10 bulbs.

Drimia uniflora.jpg Drimia uniflora Flowers.jpg

Minimum Bid: $5
Buyer pays shipping. Estimated shipping cost $8 via Priority Mail. (If desired First Class can be used instead.)
Plants will be shipped bare root.
Plants can be shipped to the continental US. *Please be aware of any restrictions your state may have on incoming plants. Seller will not be responsible for seized plants.
Please contact via TF's private messaging system.

Not open for further replies.