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newbie here, advice needed please!

Hiya, I was just wondering if there was any way i could buy or get plants online somewhere even though im in the uk? Im not sure what its proper name is but i would like to get hols of the VFT that has the purple traps! any help/info is appreciated!
Cook's Carniverous Plants ships worldwide I believe. They've got a large selection. But if the guys here ship to the UK, they are your most reliable bet in my opinion. Everyone who has ever ordered from here has had rave reviews of the quality of the plants.
A couple other sources are Triffid Nurseries and also Phil Wilson. I am on the fly today so I don't have the addys right to hand. I'll try to post them a bit later.
Just moving to a place where you can get a lot more help about it

Cook's does ship worldwide, but without permits!!

You would be safer buying from the UK ( no need for permits )

I am hoping we will have our CITES permits in the next few weeks, but still...in order to things the right way, you need import/export permits, and CITES and you need a general import permit to your country PLUS a phytosanitary...

If you are wanting a few VFT...all the permits will cost around 100$

If you deal with someone that does not have these permits, or requires you to have these permits, than you are playing a game of chance, and you may or may not get your plants
I Know, I know! I ordered from Cook's, and the permit cost of $35 was optional. They just made it clear they could not garuntee anything without it. I was ok with that for the small order it was though. I took my chances, and it took 14 days for my vft's to get here! But although they weren't feeling well, I easily managed to bring them back and they are flourishing (aside from the color which I mentioned in another forum).