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New Succulent Terrarium

My dad, after seeing some of my succulent terrariums, decided that he would commission me to create a 10gallon terrarium for his car repair shop. In total I spent about $210 on the whole thing including the lights. Not bad considering the price of the plants I put in it. They are mostly Haworthias, Aloes, and a few other miscellaneous succulents. I had to order an aquarium light in order to find a fixture with HO T5s and the bulbs are one warm spectrum bulb and one cool spectrum bulb. It is a 20" fixture. Anyway, Here are some pics of the finished setup. Hope you guys like it!

IMG_4583 by SarraceniaMutation, on Flickr

IMG_4581 by SarraceniaMutation, on Flickr

IMG_4579 by SarraceniaMutation, on Flickr

IMG_4580 by SarraceniaMutation, on Flickr

IMG_4582 by SarraceniaMutation, on Flickr
Nice! What are the decorative rocks?
just pieces of slate that I got at Lowes for $2.50 for a 25lb bag
Aquarium lights are expensive, especially the reef ones. I still think this is one of the best setups you've done.

You should seriously try doing some aquascaping. I can practically see fish swimming through this, although the plants would not be happy at all.
Wow this is a really cool setup. I'm sure your dad will enjoy.
Nice looking setup. I think it may need an additional set of lights, though. I realize you are using high output lighting but the plants in the foreground I suspect will wind up growing/stretching towards the back of the terr where the light is stronger. Will you be taking care of the watering so as to ensure that some well meaning individual doesn't over do it?
I left my dad with explicit instructions for watering and I also told him to move the light to the oppposite side of the terrarium every once in a while so as to keep the plants from stretching too far. Also, aside from the Aloe bakeri in the front left corner, the Haworthia glauca in the back left corner, the Astroloba foliolosa, Haworthia resendeana,H. coarctata var. adelaidensis, and the Aloe plicatilis there aren't really any plants that will stretch towards the light. I chose mostly plants that stay very compact. Actually, even those Haworthia I mentioned above are very good about staying compacted despite growing pretty tall.

Thanks for the compiments everyone I think it turned out really great. I'm in the process of making another one with a similar design but different plants.
That is beautiful! Sounds like you've got a really great dad too :) Nice work!
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Wow. Beautiful build.
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Very nice set up; you should be very proud!

Thanks for sharing
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It is out of this world... some reminds me of a haworthia and a lithops? have you ever tried growing living stones?