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A new postcard from Fernando Rivadavia just published :
Postcard 12

with : Pinguicula immaculata, Pinguicula nivalis, Pinguicula reticulata, Pinguicula rotundiflora, Pinguicula moranensis, Pinguicula heterophylla and Utricularia livida.

Here are some pictures:

Pinguicula immaculata

Pinguicula nivalis, a new species soon to be published by the famous Hans Luhrs

Pinguicula reticulata

Pinguicula moranensis
Fernando Rivadavia's writing about his ping expeditions are fasinating.  His photos and descriptions are very informative.
What a fortunate person he is to have the opportunity to travel and explore.
Keep those post cards coming Erick.
Hey "Lauderdale" Jan,

"Fortunate" is a very relative word...
:) Just ask your fellow Floridians Bob McMorris and Mike Manna who were here with me 2 weeks ago and are probably still yanking out thorns from their bodies, just like me....

Take Care,
Fernando Rivadavia
The postcard travelogues and photos are priceless. When you can't go yourself...they are the next best thing.

Much appreciated, Fernando,...and Eric too for his publishing efforts.

I'd suffer a few thorns and bug bites for a chance to see what you and your traveling companions get to see.