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new plants

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I just went home for lunch and there they were, my new VFT!! I have three Green Dragons... first, I slowly took off the plastic and attached the botton plate. Then added water to the bottom of the plate and put the top back on the FVT and placed it them in the window?? Should I have watered the plant from on the top also? Can I leave the cup top off or just let it sit for a few days?? I hope I have done everything right so far!!! Your input is more then welcome. Now I feel like i'm part of the club/website now.

A few are brown but you can see new stem coming in... (smile)
Only water from the bottom as it will disturb and compact the peat. Let it sit for a few days to get used to it's new conditions and then maybe take the top off.
Thanks for the reply Alvin!! I just filled the bottom of the plate with distilled water and placed it in the the window.

In a few days, will the VFT be ok without the top?? It appears to me the the top would keep the VFT from growing...

So you never water the VFT from the top only through its plate at the bottom of the pot??

How many traps can a Green dragon or any other VFT grow at on time??

thanks again for your reply.........
Hey tough,

Be sure it doesn't get too hot by the window. With the top on, your vft's can easily get cooked.
I think the average number of traps seems to be 6-8, older traps will turn black and should by snipped off as close to the base as possible to prevent fungus. Do be careful of too much direct sun with or without the top on, plants need to adjust to direct sun in stages, like getting a tan. With good light Green Dragon gets a wonderful deep red color, and then can take full sun without problems s long as the humidity is above 50% or so. Enjoy!
I got my green dragon vft's , purple pitcher plants , dente vft bulb ,nepenthes ventricosa , and potting quick mix 4 days ago . I got the double option for my GD vft and 2 more . I don't know why I have the extra ones but they sure are small . the purple pitcher plant was big , but had burned tops , and the dente bulb traps died so I had to cut them off . The nepenthes ventricosa is fine with only two pitchers . Right now the growth of each plant is better now that I cout off the dead parts .
Hi Tough, don`t be too concerned about the dome cover, in a couple of weeks your plant will outgrow it. Just give it plenty of sunlight and distilled water and it should be ok.
Thanks everybody! Do I water the plant form the top or just fill the plate up when it gets low??
just fill the plate when it gets low.
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Hi Tough

Welcome to the forums and I'm glad you got your plants.

I water mine from the top without any problems and they also sit in a saucer of water of course. My VFTs are in a mix of peat/sand/perlite/a little chopped sphagnum/a little charcoal... and are kept outdoors. Remember VFTs grow outdoors where they get rained on all the time. So top watering shouldn't hurt them. But they will be ok just using the tray too. You've got "options".

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Thank you for the help everyone! It makes me feel good to know that I have support from the veterans in here! Today is day two for my plants being at home. Can I take the top off tomorrow to let it grow out?? The VFT just looks so cramped right now! (smile) I have three green dragon (with double plants in each pot). So can you tell me how big they my get?? Will I have to transplant them or will they be ok in this small pot??

thanks again for everyone's help!!

I'm so excited!!! (smile)