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New Nepenthes growth

Hi all. I got this new nepenthes about 2 months ago. It is probably in more light that it was used to and defiantly more humidity. I realize that the stunted growth at the top is a reaction to more light. I will give it some time before I reduce the amount of light. What I have not seen is the new growth at the old leaf junctions. Is this normal or has anyone seen this before?

Thanks all.


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The growth down where the old leaves were are nodes that have activated. Bascially a new vine is growing there. How is the plant progressing?
I am thinking that it is getting too much light. All the mature leaves are drying and dying.


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Too much light would sun burn the leaves, think *turning red* not crunchy brown. That looks like a plant with a comprimized root system to me. I think I would transplant it into some fresh media sooner than later.
What was it originally potted in? How did the root system look?
Ah, then I would do it again and put some perlite or something in there to add aeration. The pure LFS is what lead me to believe it had come that way. I would expect conditions like that (pure and compacted LFS completely soaked) for a cutting, but it would not generally be good for a Nepenthes root system in the long term.
It was in very degraded LFS. I put it in new LFS. Since I have you here live I will repot it now in my a soil with more peat and perlite.


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Yeah, that doesn't look very healthy. A more airy media, pot not sitting in water and being top watered to make sure the media stays pretty wet (since it doesn't have much in roots right now) would be ideal. I assume it's some bullet proof Nep/hybrid so I think it will recover. With some air getting in there it should be able to grow some fresh roots.
Good luck!
Also, you could pot it deepeer in the pot, and more roots could come out of the stem and help the plant recover faster with a more established root system.