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New leaves growing, what next

When is it safe to feed new leaves on a capensis. One of my leaves is almost completely uncurled and I have a dab of dew on the "oldest" tentacles, near the petiole (?) So when can it feed and what is this green algae looking thing growing next to my capensis?
As long as there is mucilage on it, it should be safe to feed, although I would start with something small. If the plant can't completely digest what you give it you might run into problems with mold. Pictures would help identify the "green algae thing" but I would guess that it is moss, some kind of slime mold, or simply algae that grows on soil.
My guess for the green algae thing would be blue green algae aka Cyanobacteria. It is slimy and is probably a sign of not enough ventilation in the setup. But again a picture would help for a positive ID.

I wait at least until the leaves are fully open to feed.