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New Challenge: Bug Plants

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This is probably most likely to end up in failure...but since I seem to be succeeding grandly with now all 3 of the perennial Byblis, I might as well try tackling the other touchy Mediterranean carnivores.
We'll start with this one:
Roridula gorgonias by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr

Clearly a TC plant, and my paranoia has already been fed by 2 of the branches molding and dying off...but several others have already quite clearly gained size since this photo was taken, and I'll soon repot into a larger container and pray they live.
No small amount of growth since that last photo, been upgraded to a larger pot to maintain more even moisture and give the roots room once they start actually growing. Not visible here, but since this photo the tentacles have begun turning darker colors as they develop
Roridula gorgonias by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
Looking very promising, Hawken!
Wow great growth. I wish you continued success!
They're doing good! I assume that light was for the photo and not the light they grow under? Seems awfully low.
That photo was taken at night, with a flashlight behind/below it. It's under the same lights as everything else in the main greenhouse currently.
Picked up a seedling R. Gorgonias a year ago. A month in few branches got moldy and it never recovered. I figured I would circle back when I was ready. I've heard of others experiencing similar outcomes, so I can see why you got nervous. Did you make any adjustments when you noticed the mold? I'm thinking that maybe I didn't give it adequate air flow. I'd love to hear what conditions your growing in!
I made no changes, only removed the moldy parts. The branches that weren't healthy, died off, and the rest remain.
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I tried 80% humidity (a bit high I think), 75-60F, 14hr photoperiod. I notice your repotted pretty quickly -or were your seedlings always in a larger pot? Is your main greenhouse light supplemented? They will start crowding eachother -no? When do you think your going to split them up? Sorry for the interrogation 🤣
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High humidity will ensure fungal infection particularly on any plant already being affected; as a South African plant also these do not need, and generally do not want, it, unless there's really good airflow. Mine tolerate it because the lower shelves are fairly aerated. And my greenhouses are not outdoors, so artificial light is nearly all any of the plants in them are going to get. And I will not be separating these, they are likely branched from the same base and not separate plants, or from the start are far too entangled for me to ever safely split.
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How big of a pot are you using? And do you plan on moving them to a bigger pot eventually?
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They were just moved to the bigger pot, as currently intended. It's 4" diameter I believe, and I've seen photos of people blooming them in pots of such size so I doubt more is needed if they're fed well, but will be dependent on what the roots say.
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There will probably be a brand new video to be produced soon to take advantage of exciting new developments; do you see what I see?
R. gorgonias by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
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That video I mentioned a couple posts up is finally here!