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Never ending winter! :(

I think in 26 years of growing CP's this current winter has been the worse and longest! Lost more plants particulary Neps & Heli this time around than any other period. And whats depressing is that these losses include many tough as old boot plants. A fair few EP hybrids and today found my big old H. Tequila had croaked as well! And with the cold weather continuing untill at least mid/late April will be finding other dead/dieing plants.

I think that with a number of poor summers and (for the UK) much colder and longer winters the plants just are not getting a long enough good growing period to see them through any winter. It started off badly when my 14 year old N. villosa died in August last year along with a big N. rajah. That was a bad oman for things to come!

Roll on summer (please!!)

Tell me about it.. Our winters last for half a year. And it just seems to be taking over the spring and fall seasons here. Skipping from winter to summer to winter.. With no cool seasons in between. Which sucks because spring is my favorite time of year.