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Nepenthes Trade

Hello all, i am offering up an unknown nepenthes hybrid up for trade in the form of cuttings, i dont really know what i am looking to trade for so if you are interested then make an offer,it has been growing very vigerously in moderate highland conditions and is in good shape.
this is what the pitchers look like.
thanks, Gary leavitt/Garylee123
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looking for rooted or non, highland, lowland or all ?
love the candy stripes on the pitcher
I would prefer rooted highlands but I meant that I would take anything like I dont have any pings or cephs
tropical, prolific, never goes totally dormant ping. gets 3-4+ inches, tolerant of all watering methods tray or overhead infrequent, urtics , and d.cape dews in a pot, Nepenthes mirabilis winged x mirabilis non winged, Basel cutting not sure if rooted plant starting to flower so don't want to dig up needlessly. I think I also could take a n. maxima cutting have to check to see if anything else. pm me if any intrest.
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