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Nepenthes singalana

I have a several month old N. singalana coming shortly that I am pretty excited about. From what I have read they don't sell for very much so even though they would be considered one of the "toothy" neps they certainly aren't up there with the big three or four that need no introduction. I also have seeds arriving shortly so it will be nice to see what one looks like that was grown from seed last Spring. I downloaded every picture I could find of it and am impressed.
Woohoo, another singalana lover. I'm a big fan of this unappreciated species. Prolly my fav nep.:)
Do you have one? Any pics?
Indeed, I have two of them but they're just teensy tiny seedlings right now. The should be magnifcent when they're all grown up though. ;)
Good luck, I have several species that began germinating in November and just planted some N. aristolochioides and a few others....a total of 20 different species. These are N. rafflesiana, a fairly common choice but fun to learn with.
I like how the teeth are a different color than the peristome.
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Those look awesome!
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awesome plants!
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Has anyone had luck growing them as intermediate plants? I know their listed as Ultra Highland (2000-2900 m) but their one of my very favorites. Luckily I've got a Singalana x Boschiana that is doing wonderfully well for me.
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my plant is growing intermediate and grows ok,55 to 65 nights and 65 to 80 days depending on time of year,my plants do not grow super fast but singalana is not that fussy for me