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For Sale Nepenthes sibuyanensis Potted

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Selling these established, and productive Nepenthes sibuyanensis.

ntermediate Carnivorous Pitcher Plant species from Mt. Guiting, Philippines 1400m. 4” pot included.

Pink to red lower pitchers. Pink to cream upper pitchers retaining the red peristome. Up to 12” tall Pitchers.

Loves hunting at ground level; producing its chunky lower pitcher on the ground and below it. See picture.

$30 each + $15 Priority or UPS Shipping USA Mainland Only.

Buy the trio and get shipping, for free!

Mind your weather. Can tag and hold plants once paid for until weather is better.

PM for details.


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Do you know the gender of them or We’re they basal shoots an you know the gender of the main plant?

Gender isn’t known at this time.
These plants are from BCP.