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Nepenthes Seeds

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1. Incognito - Thanks for the opportunity
2. Victoria - Thank you for your generosity
3. hcarlton
4. NatchGreyes - Awesome!
5. EdaxFlamma- Thanks!!
6. ego3k - Thanks!
7vbkid, thanks for the opportunity!
8 jwbates-Thank you!
9 Captdonaldduc- thank you !!
10 - Phake33 Thank you sooo much!!
11-dionae thanks keith!
12-charlie thanks for the giveaway!
13 wesly2010
14. Jcal. Thanks!
15.thelarge thankyou!
16. Flasker Thanks!
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I have packaged and mailed out to those that I have received emails from. I still have four packets of seeds...

Good luck!

Please feel free to drop me an email to let me know how the seeds do for you. I will also try to check this post for update, but between work and school I don't get a chance to drop by as much as I used to....


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I got my seeds today. Thanks again ellisonk001!
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Seeds came today. Thanks again!
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I got them today. They look great, thanks again!
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Glad to hear that they are arriving! Please let me know how they do for you...


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Got mine. Thanks for sharing.
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All seeds have been sent out.

I will try to offer more at a later date. Unfortunately, these will be anyone's guess who the daddy is.....

Please keep ups posted on your results.
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Received mine today, as well! Thanks a million!
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Got seeds. They look fresh and clean. Will drop them into jars tomorrow. Will take pictures when they get tiny leaves. Thanks a zillions.
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I got mine today. Thanks again ellisonk001.
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I also got mine. Hey flanker can you germinate Nepenthes in water. That would be a cool experiment… I think I'll try :)
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Thanks for the seeds can't wait until they start to grow.
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Just thought I'd share that a few of these seeds are just starting to sprout for me :) They were sown a few weeks earlier than most of you (3/8/14) but if all goes well I would imagine you should be expecting some activity soon.

Not the best picture but you get the idea ;)
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That's great. Congratulations, I was hoping someone would post as their seeds started to germinate. I haven't checked mine in a couple days now I'm kind of excited to see if I've had any success with them.
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I had the first of mine sprout last week(?). So, these are definitely viable.