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Nepenthes Seedlings Getting A Lil Color


sarracenia lover
These are N. maxima(dwarf), mini maxima around 3 months old. Theyre being grown under a 100W HPS. Humidity probably stays close to 100% due to the humidity dome theyre under. They get regular room temps, anywhere from 70-75F. I'm really surprised at how fast theyre growing.




looking good! Congrats
That's great. What is the substrate you are using? Do you put one seed in each cell? I've had some success with seeds this year but not as much as I would like, so I keep trying different methods.
I'm using a 1-1-1 mix of sand, peat and milled LFS. I transplanted them to the cells when most had 3 leaves:). Keep at it...i'm sure you'll get it down.
They're moving quickly for their age! They'll start showing red pigmentation in about a year.