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Nepenthes rafflesiana BE88

So as someone who can only easily accomodate the Lowland Nepenthes species, I have begun to fall in love with and specialize in Nepenthes rafflesiana. As such, I have developed a few "holy grails," one of them being the gorgeous Nepenthes rafflesiana clone 88 from BE. It is quite large and, in my opinion, wonderfully colored, and I was simply wondering if anyone knows who owns one or where I could find a specimen. Please PM me with any information, I do not want to break the rules for posting vendor's names. If this post breaks that rule, then feel free to take it down, Andrew. Any information would be fantastic and greatly appreciated; this is something that is unfortunately out of stock in a lot of places.

If you're wondering what it looks like, a couple of these pictures are labelled in red on the side with BE-88: http://cpphotofinder.com/nepenthes-rafflesiana-var-gigantea-3923.html

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