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Nepenthes potting mix.

What type of bark do you guys like when you make your mixes. Course or fine. Coconut or fir. Any preference ..
I prefer cypress mulch over coconut chips or fir bark.
^ Yep, shredded cypress much! +1
It's So much cheaper for way more material!

Few quarts of orchid bark $6.99 VS 2 or 3 Cu Feet of mulch $3.99! :D
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I've never used cypress bark, but have begun moving away from orchid bark because of the possibility that it may host, or serve as a nursery for, pathogens. Coconut husk chips works very well after being rinsed, as it breaks down very slowly. Cypress bark would be similar to this, as the cedrol found within it prevents rot (hence the huge, preserved cedar stumps you can find in secondary growth forests).
Picked up my bag of mulch today... your right it's so much cheaper.. thanks gor the tip...
I almost always add pine bark.
Much less now, but I used to have about 20% park bark in the soil with no ill effects ive noted
Has anyone used pine bark successfully?

This is one of my accidental discoveries. We ran out of perlite, LFS, and orchid bark all at the same time. I had two N. maxima cuttings and decided to repot one in an unorthodox mix.

This N. maxima has been potted almost exclusively in a pine-bark-based potting soil that we make for research plants.

It's been growing in the same mix for over 4 years. The vines have grown another foot since that photo was taken.