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Nepenthes pot size.


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Hi, I was wondering when repotting Neps how everyone decides what size pot to move up to?
Bigger is typically better if you have the space for it, and also if your media is not going to retain too much water and rot. In perfect conditions most all nepenthes only need remarkably small pots, but the bigger pots allow more room for roots to find their ideal conditions and keep the temperature stable.
For smaller neps I'll typically use a pot the width of the plant's leaves (ignoring tendril/pitcher length) but for larger or mature plants where that rule of thumb becomes patently absurd, perhaps twice the root system's width?
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One consideration I make is to keep large plants from falling over. When Neps get big, this is pretty common. Since Nep media doesn't usually weigh much, plants can either pull themselves out of the soil or cause their pots to fall over when watered. It's one of the main reasons why I only use clay pots or hanging baskets once Neps get really big.

Similarly, I choose a pot size that I find keeps the plant stable. I use nothing smaller than 4" pots (for seedlings), 6" for a while, then 8-10," and so on.

Unless, of course, it's my prized bical! Then I use a ginormous pot (around the volume of a 15-gallon nursery pot). I want to make this thing the incredible freaking hulk of Nepenthes.

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I'm usually constricted by the size of my growing space and I often have to trade or sell plants away before I have to worry too much about how large of pots they need. :(