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Hey everyone, I have a Nepenthes x briggsiana var. 'Peter D'Amato'
The plant is an established rooted cutting taking from growth that was producing upper pitchers. When the plant arrived it had one 6-8" upper pitcher on it. The plant is about a foot or so in diameter and roughly as talll.

This hybrid hasn't produced pitchers for me since I've had it despite producing healthy leaves. There are no signs of pests so I'm thinking the plant just needs more humidity. A few years ago I broke away from growing in terrariums and I don't want to go back, so that's why I want to trade this plant.

I'm looking for larger plants of Nepenthes reinwardtiana red, either mother plants or rooted cuttings. The darker the color the better.
I'm also interested in hybrids of Nepenthes reinwardtiana (especially N. reinwardtiana x khasiana, if it exists)
and hybrids of Nepenthes alata "Boschiana Mimic" (Now Nepenthes graciliflora)

This list isn't exclusive, it's just go give an idea of what kind of Nepenthes I like in regards to pitcher shape.
If you're interested PM me with what you have to offer and a photo. I'll upload a photo of my N. x briggsiana later this week. Unfortunately I can't find the photo of the pitcher it had when I first received it. The pitcher was nice though, the throat of the plant was a dark purple color like the pitchers of N. muluensis x lowii. I preserved the pitcher with desiccants so I can take a picture of the dried pitcher if anyone is interested.
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Is the plant gone?