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nepenthes owners; what it the preferred temp/humidity for your lowlanders?

pretty self explanatory....everything I read was kind of general and said they like the 90's.

Is that low 90's, mid 90's or high 90's?

I have a bical and a raff and they seem to really like it around 92-94; however i received a mirabilis var ech. that was in a cooler terrarium that seems to have taken some issue with that so i had to drop the temp to 90 and it seems to be improving...however i cannot be certain bc i think i was under watering it too.

Once the mve is back up to "fighting health" again I may try going back to 94 if that is what it needs for optimum growth. either way i can take a small victory bc it seems to be doing good at 90 which is still 5 degrees more than it had previously.

additional info:

My humidity seems to stay at 80% at 94-96 degrees.

When i have it at 90 it seems to increase to 83% but i did add more water to my reservoir.

i know what they can tolerate but what do they like the most?
I have the green, spotted form of mirabilis var. echinostoma and the purple form and I've got them both in a grow rack that gets between 91 and 102F everyday. The temp doesn't seem to matter too much but if my humidity drops too low they are the first plants to fry.
what humidity do you recommend?

if it is lower than mine then what temp do you recommend for the humidity i am using?
I don't have many true lowlanders but my raff and LL truncata are growing well with temps in the seventies. Usually low seventies to high sixties at night and 79 - 81 at the hottest point of the day. They get direct afternoon sun, and the humidity is probably 70 - 80% Hope that helps. ???
i keep my lowland tank at 90-92 degrees daytime and 75 at night. the plants absolutely love it :)
I am keeping LL veitchii and globosa on my windowsill with low humidity. They are growing fine
Most of mine are kept between 80-100F day and 65-75F night with 75% humidity