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Nepenthes on Concrete Pavers

Instead of buying pavers for the floor of the new shadehouse I decided to pour my own with concrete left over from the footings. After they had been set I used gravel to outline nepenthes in the wet concrete.

What do you think? Can you guess the species? I'm considering doing this on all 32 if time permits.
Very cool! Left is veitchii and right robcantleyii?
So cool!!! Very nicely done as well.
I'm pouring two pavers everyday so hopefully I will be updating daily with new pics!

So cool!!! Very nicely done as well.

Thanks! I'm hoping to make 32 of the most iconic/favorite species! Hopefully they turn out okay.

Very cool! Left is veitchii and right robcantleyii?

Actually the right is supposed to be an ovata. After laying all the pieces I took a step back and realized it looked a lot like a squat robcantleyi. I'm not sure what to call this one, its a little squat for robcantleyi and too round for ovata.
ovata was my first guess actually but with the popularity of robcantleyi i figured that was a safer bet. You should do campanulata and rafflesiana next!

If I had 32 pavers I would do campanulata, ampullaria, rafflesiana, dubia, inermis, platychila, maxima, alata, truncata, robcantleyi, veitchii, tenuis, jamban, jacquelinea, edwardsiana, hamata, nigra/tentaculata, burbidgeae, bicalcarata, macrophylla, villosa, glabrata, pervillei, mirabilis var. echinostoma, northiana, rajah, rowanae, ventricosa, faizaliana, hurrelliana, aristolochioides, attenboroughii, and bongso/spathulata. But that's just me :D
Actually the more I look at it the more I'm leaning towards ovata. Anyways here's my tentative list...

amp, raff, truncata, robcantleyi, veitchii, jamban, jacq, eddie, hamata, tentac, burb, bical, villosa, rajah, ventricosa, hurrelliana, singalana, ovata, spectabilis, sumatrana, gland, thorellii, merrilliana, lowii, ephip, lingulata, izumiae, flava, densiflora, sib, argentii, attenboroughii

Some that I did not include were camp, inermis, platy, maxima, alata, northiana, and glabatra. Definitely classics but the above top them on my list of favorites.

I am most worried about the toothy ones as the ridges might be hard to create with just pebbles. I am also worried about singalana, densiflora and izumiae as I foresee them all looking very similar. I'm hoping each species is easily recognized at first glance.
Today's creation, any guesses?

Jacq or talangensis?
Nope. This species is from Borneo.
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Burbidgeae? Ephippiata?
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It looks like a wingless Nepenthes rafflesiana. Sort of. I'm no Nepenthes expert.
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Actually it is a burbidgeae. I discovered that I can copy photographs using a felt pen and a spray bottle. The previous two I freehanded. Today's burb is from a picture by BE...


On a side note, I have purposely been omitting the wings on the pitchers. It is interesting how the lack of wings can greatly alter the overall appearance of a species.