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Nepenthes NOID for trade

I realize there isn't much demand for mutts, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I have what appears to be a maxima hybrid and no way of tracking down its exact parentage. I'm trading both a long-established cutting and a smaller freshly rooted cutting. These are photos of the parent plant that both of the cuttings came from:



I don't know what I have in mind for trades. Take a look at my want list from my signature, or let me know what you have to offer.
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The two pitchers looks like they are from different plants. The peristomes especially look totally different. It seems like an interesting plant.
I assume that's what the peristome looks like before it has curled all the way back. Or maybe it has some veitchii in there somewhere.
Looking at other threads on here, your plant looks identical to the one in the pic Favian labeled "Redneck" in his greenhouse thread......
I noticed that too. And the peristome is a little reminiscent of a truncata peristome (part of the Redneck parenthood). But who knows.