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Nepenthes Hamata

I am in the process of buying a hamata from jcal. He said it was 3 1/2 to 4 inches:drool: The plant did not have pitchers at the time. I would like to see some amazing photos of a hamata the same size. This thread is going to be awesome!:banana2:
It's not very colorful, but it is about that size. AW4.

Ignore the inermis. :p
Not exactly a great shot of the hamata
It's all I have, sorry.
It's all I have, sorry.

Do not apologize for contributing photos to this community! I think it illustrates very nicely what Charlie might expect when he gets his plant going.

This is Wistuba clone #3, approximately 2.5 years from my acquisition of a very small starter plant (about 2" diameter, nary a pitcher in sight)


Here's a growth progression thread started a few months after I received my Wistuba babies.
a couple of pics of mine from last year,it's not looking so good now and only has one pitcher:-(
wow! thanks guys! I will post pic's when eBay finally gives me the money so that I can pay for it. eBay:-(