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Nepenthes glandulifera

Anyone have this plant or its hybrids? I'm interested to see how they're turning out.
I recently acquired N. glandulifera X (eymae X veitchii), since I have found the pollen parent EP uses often brings excellent traits to the mix. No photos yet, but I could attempt one. I've had it only a week or so.
I've got glandulifera x talangensis...

Paul, from what I've seen of that grex (also the one with only veitchii), it seems to lack the color I would expect from glanduilifera. How is your plant in that regard?
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I have a boschiana cross. Will post a pic later
I grow the pure species


as well as ephippiata x glandulifera

I keep them both outside so far, although I'm going to bring them in when the winter nights dip into the 40's. The glandulifera has been a steady grower for me. I've had it for about two months and it's working on it's fourth new leaf and starting to inflate it's first pitcher in my care. I've only had the hybrid in my care for about two weeks so I don't have much to say about it, except that it seems to be very resilient. It hasn't dropped a single pitcher since I put it outdoors. The (vent x sib) x Tm that I got at the same time dropped two of it's pitchers promptly for comparison. I love glandulifera and I can't wait for it to grow into a nice specimen!
Wow that looks incredible! Do the glands on the tendrils produce much nectar?

Glandulifera x Boschiana - still a lightweight though.
I grow the pure species also, overall it seems robust and relatively quick growing.


Magnificent! Your plant is what made me want to buy the species! Very, very well grown! I think I speak for everyone in saying that we'd love to see an update from you sometime! Thanks Matt!
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I can never ever grow this species in my current conditions...really enjoyed that pic of yours. Thanks for sharing!
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I like those hairs :3
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I am blown away by these pictures guys. When last I had my head immersed in this hobby there was no such thing as N. glandulifera x talangensis.

Beautiful plants all, you're making me envious! N. glandulifera is one of the coolest species, IMO.
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East_to_west & Cindy,

Thank you very much for the compliments! Feedback like yours really keeps this hobby fun and rewarding for me!

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Of coarse man! Always a pleasure to see your sweet setup!