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Nepenthes germination success

So my seeds from Carnivero have sprouted started 3-8-23 to today 3-26-23 3 germinated thus far (shout out to @Remy Dogra who posted an amazing video of carnivero's being great seed source ) ive bought from @Drew Martinez before always lovely plants and now seeds too <3 great to be able buy legit viable non poached sustainable nepenthes seeds from reliable buisness and gentleman.


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I'm eagerly waiting from the same source, started at the same time. I'll follow up when I see germination.

I thought I'd give a link to Remy's video:

It is that time of year. Growing your own seed is on of the most gratifying parts of nepenthes. The first two to germinate of the crosses I've made this year.

Song of Melancholy x (burb x platy)

Song of Melancholy x [(densiflora x spectabilis) x (briggsiana x Trusmadiensis)]
Mine from Carnivero have just started. Seeds were started 4/6/23, 3 1/2 weeks ago.

Nepenthes boschiana x seedlings, first germination 5:2:23.jpg

This one is even harder to see:

LVBV x Carnivero seeds, first seedling 5:2:23 copy.jpg
A month and a half after sowing, I have about 24 seedlings of the first Nepenthes boschiana -BE x {[(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x veitchii} - clone 2 seedpod, and 4 seedlings of the second one.

The first one:

Nepenthes boschiana -BE x {[(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x veitchii} - clone 2 seeds 4:17.jpg