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Nepenthes from seed

Ok, so i have ordered a few seeds and wanted to know the best way to make the majority of them grow. I know they are not easy to grow because of the short time they are viable but if they were lets say fresh what would the best way be? Is it possible to start them in a seed starter kit such as a kit like http://www.amazon.com/Clone-King-Ae...F8&qid=1412994651&sr=8-9&keywords=cloning+kit

or is there a better way? please let me know you best proven way?
..well for starters that thing you linked isnt for seeds.
Nepenthes seeds can germinate anywhere between 2 months to a year or more.
That kind of seeds are they?
If they're viable and put in the right temperature range, they should germinate without a problem, though it may take a few months (or more).
Due to how short viability is for nepenthes seeds, I doubt you would find a seed starter kit for them. And even if you did, I wouldn't trust them to still be viable; after all, once a month has passed most seeds won't be viable anymore.

However, the fresher the seeds generally, the faster they germinate. Also, it varies depending on species/hybrid.