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Nepenthes flowering, pollen available!

Hello all!
I have multiple plants that are now flowering, or will be in short order.
N. 'Miranda' and N. x mixta I have already collected from, though the latter is still flowering so very fresh pollen is available.
Within the next month to month and a half, both my N. 'Rokko' Exotica ( I think it's male) and my SG N. (inermis x singalana) x mira will flower, so anyone who has something interesting to cross them with, let me know. Those who have seen my Nep pic thread know what all these look like.
I prefer trades within the US, as there have been issues with viability decreasing when sending overseas, and species are preferred to keep complexity down, but I'm open to anything!
Updating this: still of course have pollen from the 'Miranda' and x mixta (fresh pollen will run out in the next day or two though on the latter), and I can confirm the (inermis x singalana) x mira is a male, and will be producing pollen probably in about a month. However, it turns out that the 'Rokko' Exotica is not a male, but likely a female!
So, if you are interested in pollen, or if you have some interesting pollen to be used, I'm open to just about everything so let me know!
Again, US preferred.
Another update: so I probably have enough pollen to cover the 'Rokko', but I might be able to squeeze in one or two others if they're really interesting. There is also a third small stalk appearing on the ventricosa x spathulata, and though I doubt much will come of it I might be able to use something on it.