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Nepenthes burkei x hamata

I was curious to what this hybrid looked like when fully mature. (or atleast older than the tiny ones on google images)

If anybody has one, could you post pictures please? Thanks :)
I have a tiny one on the way :)

Thats mine so far. Showing a good bit of the teeth from the N. Hamata.
I know in a thread i previously started someone had posted a good sized one. I havnt seen one bigger since they had posted it
This cross is super intriguing. I was close to buying one. Kind of disappointed I didn't.

I think that it might be a relatively recent cross, so I am not sure how many bigger plants there even are in cultivation at the moment.
DCI that one looks really good, great patterning. How tall is the pitcher? Dexenthes several vendors still have them available.
I still have a few on-hand. They arrived pretty small, but are starting to put on some size & color:





From the way they're progressing, I would expect them to look very similar to the N. ventricosa x hamata cross that was released a year or 2 earlier:

I have two of these plants, one I obtained about 6 months ago. They seem to grow very readily, and the larger of the two is putting out pitchers consistently. Here's a picture I took a month or so ago. The pitchers are about an inch and a half long
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Man those are some beautiful plants guys. Makes me want to buy one even more :-))
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Mine has yet to reach any real size (curses the evil spider mites!!!!), but it's starting to produce pitchers again, and these pics definitely make me happy I picked one up...
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The pitcher i posted on here is an inch long but the newest one that is yet to pop open seems to be growing larger than that so we will see.
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And eric how long did it take for the peristome to darken up like that? Its been a little over a month and mine is only starting to get red around the outside.
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It depends on the plant. One of mine takes around a month and only gets bright red, the other darkens up in about two weeks and turns dark maroon in color.
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Here's an update. For some reason this pitcher that just opened made a large jump in size. You can see how it is taller than the container vs the previous pitcher in the background. I'll post a picture after the peristome darkens up a bit later this month.
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Very nice!
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Looking good Eric! I hope mine gets to looking that nice.
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Wow that is awesome! Mines just started growing quickly...after like 4 months. I think the fact that my N.lowii x campanulata grew a large leaf that casts a shadow over it. This hybrid seems to like less than full sun.
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Gorgeous pitcher! Mind if I ask if you're using any fertiliser? Mines so far put out three pitchers and starting to inflate a fourth. Again gorgeous pitcher and can't wait for the peristomes to darken up like that!
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I spray diluted orchid fertilizer in the traps every now and then, but nothing crazy. I really have no idea why this past pitcher is so much bigger than the last. One thing that I have noticed though is that my other N. burkei x hamata in the same conditions has very small leaves and tends to grow a little more slowly. My guess is that my bigger plant leans more genetically towards the N. burkei parent than the N. hamata.