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Nepenthes ampullaria?

I got this plant in June as Nepenthes ampullaria, but it hasn't produced a single pitcher that looks like a Nepenthes ampullaria pitcher. Is it a hybrid?



Looks hybrid to me.

I have several small amps and the pitchers are more squat with a much larger opening.
I'm not seeing hybrid in that. If it's a hybrid it tends to be distinct, what I'm seeing is young ampullaria pitchers, exactly as I've seen on my 3 specimens (two of which were SG, one of which had hybrid siblings). The leaf growth also doesn't have any notable hybrid traits, though whatever plant it shares that pot with might....
Hmm my young amp green pitchers were more stout, you have a speckled green amp i think it's just that they are young pitchers they may get stouter as they get older. Cute looking plant reguardless :)
Doesn't really look like a young plant anymore. All of my amps produce amp like pitchers and that does not look like one. Doesn't really look like Hookeriana either. But I could be wrong.
I really wish i didn't cut off the basal pitchers that were dead on my amps that were DOA cause some looked just like yours
Thanks for the replies. I guess only time will tell what this plant is. The other Nepenthes is a bicalcarata by the way.