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Nepenthes Ampullaria Help

I got this plant about 2 weeks ago. I t's a N. Ampullaria 'Harlequin' x 'Brunei Red'. It had a pitcher when it came, and it was in perfect condition, but the pitcher is browning. The leaves aren't floppy or anything, they feel like normal, but the pitcher is dying faster everyday. Is this just because it might have been on he plant a long time, or is it something I am doing? It is kept in a terrarium, the temps are around 85-95, humidity is from 80%-90%.

Here it is today:


Neps take time to adjust. Some take like six month, it depends on the plant and conditions. When I put my neps in the terrarium, they took a while to get going. I had a 3x leaf jump on my singalana I didn't even notice until I put them in the greenhouse. They are also settling in from the move into the greenhouse about a month ago. Some haven't even began putting out new leaves yet. It took a long time for them to put out leaves they almost had out. It just take time I believe.

Looks like a very healthy plant, nothing to worry about. If the pitcher is dry, you can squirt water in it to hydrate the plant since it won't be able to digest bugs with just RO squirted in there. If the pitchers are wet, then you can try feeding them to help the plant get a better start.
What Pineapple said. The plant is perfectly fine, looking very healthy, just going through a bit of shock from the change to new conditions. Amps are very hardy, give it a couple months and it should take right off.
he (or she) looks alright after a month or so it will start to produce more pitchers. The new pitchers may seem smaller then the original ones but give it time it will grow ( I love this breed) good luck.
Thanks for all the feedback, I am way calmed down now :)
It's fine! That one will dry up, but you can look forward to a new one soon with that developing pitcher on the left. It is very normal for all the pitchers to die on a plant new to your conditions. Very nice plant BTW! :-D