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Nep stem browning

Some of my N. X ventrata's older lower leaves we're yellowing recently so I cut them off when they started to brown. I just noticed this morning that the whole stem is now turning brown from the bottom up to where the topmost leaf was cut off.

It has had a small brown patch on the stem from when I first got it, I thought a leaf was falling off and went to tug it, it had a better grip than I thought and damaged the stem. For these leaves that I cut off I left a small bit attached so I wouldn't damage the stem though.
Browning of the stem or rather turning sort of "woody" is normal for an older / longer Nepenthes vine, nothing to worry about in general.
Ok to me brown usually means dying and it happened pretty quickly. Glad it's normal.
A photo would be useful for an accurate diagnosis. It is very likely, however, that this is normal aging of the stem towards a more woody state that you are seeing.
If it's moving from the ground up (and brown not yellow/black) most likely it's normal, but showing a photo won't hurt - just to be sure.