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Need sundew help

Recently my younger brother purchased a cape sundew from a Gurny's nursey,I want to know what to feed it,what kind of container to put in(because it's crowded in it's old pot,and how to repot it. I hope I can help my brother's sundew.
?please help!
If it is grown outdoors than it will catch its own prey. If it is grown indoors, the cape sundew can be fed rehydrated blood worms or ants etc. that can be caught outdoors. Once a week/month feeding should do. To repot, just take the plant out of the pot without damaging its roots. Replant the whole plant, soil and all, in a larger pot(around 4in-6in should do). The medium should be sand:peat 1:1, peat:sand:perlite 2:1:1, or sphagnum:perlite 1:1 etc. Use only rain, distilled, RO, deionized water for the plant.
also remember that a high humidity level must be maintained to keep dew from drying up,best suggestion is a terrarium enviroment.or some kind of lid to cover it so that it gets some humidity.