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Need some help building a grow chamber

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Happy hour..
Hey guys. I'm building a grow chamber this weekend, and I think I get the general idea. I'm gonna be growing mostly neps and helis, you know, the runs. :lol: I'm think about building a PVC frame that will cover the entire area I have. One of the problems I'm having is finding out what to cover the frame with. I know it has to be reflective, but is straight up mylar strong enough? Also my father who is helping me wants to see some of your grow chambers from the outside so that he/I get a general idea of what we are doing. Any recommendations of anything? I'll take any advice to heart.

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I have considered it, but I like the customizability of building my own. Thanks anyway, Paul!
What do you plan to grow? What size have you came up with. I built a simple one out of wood and plastic drapes. A pic can be found in my pic thread. Mylar isn't nessary....depending on your needs.
I'm gonna be growing neps and helis. I don't know the size yet 'cuz I'm moving one of my dressers and whatever's there is my space. Its atleast 3x3
I based my design loosely from the info from nepenthes university. Mine is 2x4 with 3 shop lights atop. I am in the process of building a larger chamber. Mine has worked well and plastic drapes and 2x4s arnt that expensive.
Alright, thanks again!
Think I can chime in on this one..
I put together a little 3x3x3 LL-UHL chamber. Conditions can be set to anything I like..
My temp range to work with varies from 45*F to 87*F with humidity being controlled down to 70% and up to 98%.

Having this in my den, I put a lot of time into moisture containment. I put down a layer of double thick plastic, then another layer of clear GH material. Put my 3x3x3 frame on top of that, and folded it up around the frame. Wrapped it up and sealed everything tight.. then just layed the lights on top. Also, the den has it's own double layers of double thick plastic and a layer of fake turf carpet. If you could set yours up in a basement, you'd be miles ahead of me.
Put a square washer/dryer tray down to catch any water from the pots. Two ultra-sonic fogging humidifiers up front are controlled individually, and by timers.. as needed.
The AC/Heater is pretty heavy duty, but does the trick for precision temperature control. Really is the lifeline behind the entire setup..
Last thing, being a high moisture setup.. it really does need to be on a flat water-proof surface.

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If you want to be able to customize, I would build it out of 2 x 4's. I've built 2 grow chambers out of would nd I have found it to be a saving grace. Its way easier to hang the lights, hanging pots and everything else. Ill post some step bys on your thred here in the coming hours. Pvc is great but it'll get expensive. Woods the way to go...
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Thanks. Glad to know wood is better. What do you use as walling?
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It appears my 3x3x3 is too small of a recommendation for this crowd.. If you're looking to go big indoors, then here's what I did:


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I should mention, the larger the space.. the more difficult it is to control the environment.
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except the smaller the space, the faster it heats up and cools down.... less buffer space. much easier to hold temps to gradual changes in larger areas
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I should mention, the larger the space.. the more difficult it is to control the environment.

I must say, I find the complete opposite to be true.
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I guess I mean to build something that looks like mass' set up, just smaller scale.
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Dislaimer: personal experiences may vary.
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Update: Turns out building this in my garage is a lot better than in my room, so that's where it's gonna happen. I'll have about the size of a 2001 Volvo (currently occupying space) plus a little extra. :lol: