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N. x judith finn

Hey everybody!
I was wondering how much time does it takes for a Judith Finn's pitcher to get coloration on its peristome after the pitcher is fully opened?
almost a week?

aroudn that time, mine turn redish but after a while after they open, it comes out green then gradually goes redish

i havnt exactly timed it but id say about a week
Thanx Stefano1! Hey that actually gives me an idea, I'll time my pitchers and come up with upgrade pictures jejeje sounds cool. Well, better get started....Day one:
WOW that looks very nice!!!! mines still very tiny and ive had it for a year!!!!!!

its growing very slowly, its in shaded sunlight for about 3-6 hrs and the humidity is almost always 70% and above, the temps range from 80-95 during the day and at night 70-80
Hey Stefano if you got your Judith Finn from the Little Pot of Horrors brand of Judith Finn it may do far better in highland conditions. Mine was from them and small when I got it. Occasionally a leaf or pitcehr would be weird looking (deformed) but when I moved it in with my highland plants it has grown large very quickly and never made a deformed leaf again.

I purchased the plant as a 3" diameter pitcherless rosette in Jan 2002, moved to highland chamber in June 2002 when it was about 6" in diameter. Now in August 2003 it is 28" in diameter with 8" pitchers.

In my highland conditions the pitchers & peristome on the J Finn take longer than a week to color up fully, more like 2 - 3 weeks.
i received it from here,.. pft.com =/
Hi Everyone,
We have lots of them in our greenhouse, and they are a little fussy about the south Florida summer heat. There are several clones originating from Agristarts (a large wholesale TC outfit), and both parents are highland. It's a testament to hybrid vigor, because neither of the parents would tolerate the heat. We get beautiful deep red peristomes within one to two weeks after the trap has opened.
If you are growing it in south Florida conditions, give it a little more shade during the summer. Just before sundown, we mist the Neps, putting a fine layer of dewdrops on their leaves. With the fan on, slow evaporation over the course of the night lowers leaf temps. They love it. By morning they are dry, but humidity is over 80 percent.

Sorry Stefano but its day 6 and it's still not showing any signs of color!
except maybe green jejejeje
Is this normal?
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hmm, thats odd, maybe put it in more sunlight?

mine just opened a new pitcher too yesterday or today, so ill see
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Also keep in mind Stefano's plant is much smaller with less surface area to color up so the result is faster coloration. Andenes plant is much larger so a larger area to color up resulting in slower coloration.
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I thought you weren't suppose to give the judith finn sun light....
The sun here at PR kills so im not quite sure to give it some sun light...
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it gets about 4-6 hrs of morning sunlight,

if it were 4-6 afternoon hours sunlight itd be like 8 hrs morning sunlight,

and thanks for the rpely nep g
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OK Good new Stefano, my judith finn is finally getting some coloration after i aranged it so it could havo some sun.
Day 16:
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The pitcher in the back left corner has some nice coloration already! Purty!
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LOL Well Snowy Falcon, thats becauz its the only one it had when I bought it
Right now all it has are two new pitchers and the last one looks superve! But its still green
So I'll just wait till it gets red