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N. ventricosa

For anybody who grows N. Ventricosa...

How large do the pitchers grow? A couple of my new pitchers not only outgrew the original pitchers it came with, but also has grown larger than most of the ones I've seen in stores. Right now, the largest one is almost 2 inches.

Not that I'm complaining... just curious...
The largest I have had one is 6 inches tall. But, supposidly they get to 8 inches tall on a very old and mature plant.....or from what I have heard around at least.
Are those the lower pitchers of the plant? The pitchers on my N. Ventricosa are thinner and less bulbous in shape(approx. 2 inches in height).
That's because your plant hasn't formed mature pitchers yet, just give it some time to grow and I'm sure it will be great for you in a while.
yes they are lower pitchers, about 8" high. plant 4 years from seed.
my little red has a 4 inch piture and it's only a 6 inch plant, lol. The new piture it has been making is over 3 inches and still hasn't opened so I think it will get closer to 4.5
Here's the squat form I plan to get;