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N.(ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana flowering

My (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana is currently in bloom. The first flowers should be opening any day now. Please let me know if you have any eligible bachelors in bloom. This plant makes some enormous, tubby pitchers so expect any hybrids to be large and in charge! Pics below.

Can't help with the pollen but I'm curious what your day and night temps are. I have one of those and have always grown it in my stovehouse. It has always grown well, and it used to pitcher profusely in lowland conditions, but it stopped pitchering all through the last winter, when the minimum temp was 70 F. Light was reduced in winter but it has increased, without any change in pitchering. So this makes me think the temps are the issue. One might argue that the highland parents should skew this plant toward intermediate conditions, but like I said winter didn't make mine seem any happier, it was pitchering best in extreme alabama heat last year. My overall regime should be good, all the other Nepenthes are doing well. What's your secret with this cross?

EDIT: your clone seems to have a lot more sibuyanensis flavor than mine. FWIW the pitchers on mine have a lot more merrilliana and a little ventricosa influence.
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If I am reading this right and you're looking for pollen, I have N. x mixta and 'Miranda' pollen stored (both have proved to be fertile), and there are two stalks developing on my 'Song of Melancholy,' a specimen with long pitchers and good pattern.
N. maxima x veitchii, N. ventricosa x spectabilis, N. {(spathulata x aristo) x (lowii x vent)}, Rokko x veitchii H/L- Pollen all on offer if you're interested, all quite fresh, collected less than a month ago.