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N. veitchii going brown?

I have had my highland N. veitchii for about 5 years now from a tiny TC speciman. This year I repotted it and it grew well. Over the last few days the latest pitcher has opened and the next leaf is starting to develop. Today I saw what is either a brown tinge to the top of the leaf which has yet to unfurl. As it is quite small I am not sure whether it might actually be a more red/pink colour. If its red/pink like the pitchers themselves I guess its okay. If it turns out to be brown

Last winter I lost a N. fallax which suddenly almost overnight developed brown edges to its new leaf. I am hoping that history is not repeating itself. It has been quite cold this week, so I have had my greenhouse heater on. The plant would get the benefit of the warmer air but is not so close to the heater to cause brown leaves. Is it likely that N. veitchii can develop a reddish tinge to its leaves?


The new leaves on my N. veitchii look reddish brown. Higher light levels and/or cooler temperatures can make this more pronounced. Interesting also that it seems to a clonal thing also. Some plants in the flat have more red coloring in the new leaves while others are more green. It stays consistent this way too. Will be interesting to see if it will make a difference in mature pitcher colors.

If the leaf were brown from disease or other causes it would look ill in addition to the color. You might see translucent patches, drying of the leaf, softening of the leaf tissue from decay etc etc. It would also appear to be spreading over time.
Hi Tony
Yes I think it is more likely the reddish tinge you have described. I took a CU photo and it looks more reddish than brown in that. I was just curious as none of the previous leaves have displayed any such colouration.




Cu of new leaf
Hi Bill,

your plant does look totally happy to me. Some Nepenthes do have reddish leafes during growth. I. e. N. clipeata has totally red leafes during growing, but when the leafes are unfurled total, they do turn to a normal dark green.

Looks fine to me!
N.Veitchii is one of the most hariest Nepenthes around. My N.Truncata makes very reddish brown tendrils,leave ends also and it is just due to the numerous brown hairs. It could also just be your Veitchii is getting more mature. But as long as nothing else happens like the leaf ending turning black then I think your fine!
BTW, nice close up shot.
My veitchii 'highland' has always looked rather similar to that. It's more brown than red, in my opinion, and new pitchers are brown and hairy like that (as are the leaves, at least while they are growing).
Cheers everyone!

Despite all my precautions over the winter period I am always relieved to get to spring! The winters here have been quite mild recently, which means we are due a tough one

Yea, winter is always a bad time for people further north. I'm in southern ontario, and though this is my first winter for CPs, I'm quite weary... Everything is growing slowly. Even with the temperatures not being as cold as other winters, my bedroom regularly drops into the sixties at night... My x ventrata has been growing really slowly, and as much as I'd love for it to burst out in pithcers, I just hope it makes it through the winter... I'm sure it will, thats why I'm wasting energy worrying about pitchers, hehehe... Baaaah... Worry number one, aside from my ventrata is my terrarium. It has four lowland neps, and some other plants in it, it cools down a bit at night too... Thats not good.