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N Spathulata x Robcantleyi

Hi there

I've been trawling the net looking for pics of the above Nep. Does any one have? I'd like to get an idea of the pitchers.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the link! quite variable it seems.
I have one that's only a few inches big right now :)

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Looks good Michelle, do you reckon it will pick up more of the Robcantleyi down the line? (I'm deciding whether to get one or not)
I would imagine so, although one can never know for certain I guess. It's always the luck of the draw for seed grown hybrids on what you'll get ;)

I just got this one a couple of months ago and its only made two new pitchers for me but I feel like each pitcher gets nicer. It's a great little plant so far, I'd buy it again.

Here's also a picture of the pitcher it first came with. You can see that it has more color due to different growing conditions

Looking at this old pic makes me think I should give mine more sun lol