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N. spathulata x platychila -- Anyone growing this?

Just curious if anyone else is growing this hybrid. (hint hint, nudge nudge: show us pictures!) I really love how the peristome is initially striped, but then darkens like the spathulata mother. It's an easy and quick grower as well, I can't wait for the uppers!

For those of you who looked at or still remember looking at my first post, yes, this is the same plant that I squished with an iced water bottle. :jester:

You can still see some of the initial striping:

Baby pitcher, so cute! :-O

It's the little things on a pitcher that count.
Have plenty of other platy hybrids (burb x, spectabilis x, hamata x, x robcantleyi etc.) but this isn't one of the ones I've picked up yet....