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N. spathulata and hybrids

I am interested in getting a N. spathulata and some spathulata hybrids from a local nursery, but I am not sure I have the proper growing conditions. 9-10 months a year, I have intermediate-highland temps, with daytime highs of 80f and nights at 60f, in mid-summer, though, I get lowland temps, days at 90f, nights at 70f. Right now, I grow mostly "intermediates", hybrids with both lowland and highland parentage. Should I succeed with N. spathulata in my conditions? The local nursery has like 10+ spathulata crosses from BE, all with other highlanders. Would these be easier growers?
i believe it should do well. I have a N. Spathulata x Robcantleyi and it is doing very well. I live in San Diego, CA and we have about the same temps as you stated. I grow all my nepenthes outside shaded but they also get a lot of indirect light and they thrive.
I have a Nepenthes spathulata x glabrata and it seems to be a very easy grower. I haven't made any special accommodations for it. I ran out of space in my terrarium so I placed this plant in my windowsill. It has grown there happily for months now.
I got a N. spathulata x robcantleyi seedling today. The local nursery still had some N. spathulata x glabrata plants in stock, so I will probably get one of those too next time I'm there. Temperatures are still unseasonably warm , but should cool down really soon. Usually it's snowing here by now!