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N.sibuyanensis growers, what works for you?

A local nursery just got some N. sibuyanensis seedlings in, and I've been interested in getting one to grow myself. I have heard that N. sibuyanensis can be a difficult grower for some, and seems to have specific requirements in terms of media, humidity, and light. I have also heard that it is difficult to make it pitcher consistently. I have a pretty standard intermediate greenhouse environment, 75f days, 55-65f nights and moderate humidity, so I think my conditions should be ok for the most part.

A question to people who have grown N. sibuyanensis successfully, what conditions do you grow your plants in? Do you treat them any differently than other highland Nepenthes?
I grow mine in a terrarium along with some of my other HL plants, I've heard people say it's a fickle plant, but since its settled in I've had no problem with it. It seems to be a pretty steady grower and pitchers pretty consistently. My one issue is that it seems to drop pitchers sooner than most plants, so although it puts out a pitcher on most new leaves, it drops the older ones. I think this might just be a characteristic of the species, but I'm not sure. I'm definitely a fan though!
N. Sibuyanensis was one of my first ever CPs that I grew (received it as a present for my 11th birthday). The plant was never finicky for me and grew very well as a windsill plant in our humid laundry room. I vaguely remember the potting soil consisting of some peat, orchid bark, and a few other ingredients. Aside from that the plant pitchered profusely and didn't mind mild temperature changes.
Mine has been a steady grower, and it has kept the new pitcher for over 3 months now. it's kept hot and humid day temps in the mid 90's with night drops in the 60's. It does like to bury it's pitcher on neighboring pots.
Yeah I think it's safe to say that it's pitchers won't develop unless they're allowed to bury themselves in moss.
Yeah I think it's safe to say that it's pitchers won't develop unless they're allowed to bury themselves in moss.

I have noticed this as well. My plant has only formed pitchers when resting on moss/media. I have read this one likes shade, but I have found the opposite to be true. My plant didn't start pitchering consistently until I moved it into full sun.
Mine actually formed 2 pitchers without burying them. However, said plant is also dead.