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N. reinwardtiana brown speckling on pitchers

Hi all

I'd be very happy to know what causes this sort of brownish (rusty perhaps?) speckling on the pitchers of my Nep. it didn't get burned and the media is humid and I let it dry a little between waterings. Water is melted snow, collected from safe area 9no de-icing salts and such). My other plants gets the same water and do very well! I must also assure that the leaves are perfectly untouched by this and I haven't seen any mites and such...all the pitchers have this kind of speckles

Here's a pic:

Hope it's clear enough! Thanks for any help :)

Hummm you may be right! I just never saw it develop in this way (the plant has been much redder in the past!). I'll try to take better pictures tomorrow!

thanks for your help Monkey :)