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N. Maxima strange growth?--see pic

I've been working to grow some N. Maxima from seed and noticed this strange green growth earlier in the week. It has leaves and I don't know what it is and would be extremely surprised if it was a Maxima at this point. Any input?

not a nep. just a weed you got there :)

when you planted the seeds - did you water them down? or just sprinkle them on the surface?
If you already did - I would suggest you do it again and try to get the seeds into contact with the soil better. they look dry
I agree with both points mentioned above. You should try to keep the seeds moist and humid to increase the chances of them germinating.
Those the seeds from the giveaway? I just started to see mine begin to germinate. Just a handful. But the only ones doing so are in very humid, covered containers. The uncovered ones not only seem to have no signs of progress, but they also got botrytis infections that I have had a rough time of dealing with (now how does that only happen with the less humid containers?)

That is definitely a weed though, I have seen ones just like that before grow amongst some of my CPs on occasion. I just remove them as I see them.
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'Tis not a Nepenthes. Sometimes they can be fun to grow out and find out what sort of plant it might be. Some hitch-hiker plants can turn out to be quite pretty in their own right.