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N. max x (trunc x (spec x north) -EP, N. Trunc x (vent x aristo) for trade :)

Hey guys i have currently these plants available for trade:

I received N. Max x (trunc x (spec x north) as 2 plants so i divided them and now have one for trade. Should be huge :) Its a very nice well established growing plant with red stripes that darken to red over a couple of weeks. From EP

Actual Plant for trade:




This is also a very nice EP hybrid as well, N. trunc x (vent x aristo). This is a RC from the mother plant which is beautiful :)

Mother Plant pitcher:


Actual plant for trade:



Plants i am interested are:
n. viking x veitchii
n. Truncata x epiphiata
n. raff x ventricosa
n. belli x veitchii
n. belli x (steno x lowii) x (rokko x veit)
n. trun-red x lowii
n. viking x miranda
n. sibu x (north x veit)
n. trunc x merr
n. pompey
Any offers will also be considered :)

i will take the time to consider all offers before i decide thanks guys. Hope to hear from you
Tried to reply to pm and it says PMs are*off or not allowed to receive PMs. I have a reply for you.
wow, banned already? That was fast..
Was wondering what happened.
Crap I was looking forward to trading for these too! At least the second one.