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Mystery Virus on P. 'Titan'

I have heard about a mystery disease, presumed to be a virus, that infects a lot of the Pinguicula 'Titan' material in cultivation. Its symptoms are twisted, deformed, and "rolled up" leaves, stunted growth, and inability to fully break dormancy (plants get "stuck" between dormant and active leaf forms). I have heard growers complain about similar symptoms on P. 'Titan'.

I grew P. 'Titan', and it grew great for me for about a year, and then developed the symptoms that I described. I ended up throwing the plant out. I keep hearing anecdotal evidence of this mystery disease in P. 'Titan', and have seen some older threads in Terraforums describing similar problems, always on P. 'Titan'. Does anyone know what this disease is or if it can spread to other pings? When it gets mentioned, it is usually presumed to be a virus, which I guess makes sense because most (all?) P. 'Titan' material in cultivation was derived from tissue culturing a clone of a hybrid.

I really like P. 'Titan', and want to get another one, but I don't want to risk infecting other pings.

have you a picture ?