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my vfts

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what type is that monster in the back?
Lol. If you mean the big one thats a king henry.
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LOL! Egads! We Must become friends!
Nice collection,What are you using for lights?
WHOA! I've never seen Dionaea as healthy as yours. Also, I love the random Nepenthes veitchii.
Thank you guys! Im using 4 t5hos.
In the last picture in the back in what I believe is Coquillage.That is a really cool looking VFT...I may have to try and pick up one of those.If I'm not right,please post what that one is...
Your right. And yes you should. Theyre pretty cool. Heres some close ups.


Red piranha from seed.

King henry

King henry the 2nd




Big mouth

B52 x ginormous

Fine tooth

Low giant
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see what u started,now I've been looking for that VFT,only one place has it in stock,young too..I'm gonna scout out ebay next.I think that would be a nice cross for one of seedlings I have.Never crossed VFT but love growing them from seed.
<a href="http://s1265.photobucket.com/user/madmacks12/media/seeds_zps028f9cac.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj516/madmacks12/seeds_zps028f9cac.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo seeds_zps028f9cac.jpg"/></a>
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Try **. Your vft is pretty! Cant wait for mine to become that big.
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Thanks!!They are the only one that has it in stock,I would like to get a bigger one if possible.but if I can't it will have to skip dormancy.
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They were pretty decent sized about the same size as mine.
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well one is on the way!!! Now I just have to remember how to pronounce it..LOL
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Lol nice. Pics when they arrive please.
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will post pics..I got it at the FTS.
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It came today! little smaller than I hoped but I got two plants,Just need it to flower by spring to cross with a couple of my seedlings! Leaf fell off so I stuck it in to see if it might root,looks too small to root,

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Hi madmacks! Looks like the rhizome of the plants is a little exposed! You will need to make sure that the rhizome (white part of the plant) is completely underneath the peat. This can be hard to do with a plant like Coquillage, which grows down on itself and tends to push itself out of the soil, but it is imperative for the plants' rhizome to be under the surface of the soil.

And regarding the size of the plant, Coquillage doesn't get terribly large. But the plant on the right side of the photo will definitely flower in the spring. Coquillage is a robust plant that flowers predictably and produces quite a bit of seed.
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Thanks,I gave it a little push down,it does want to keep springing up.